A building’s design is an important factor to consider. It is what will catch the attention of people first. If your building’s design is pleasing to the eye it will instantly become popular and sometimes, a nicely designed building will become a landmark. 


There are so many different architectural designs that you can choose from for your building. If you are looking for a good design that you will suggest to your architect at your next meeting, it would help you a lot if you check out these common building architectural styles. 


Modernist Architecture

Modern Architecture

Modernist architecture was started during the early 20th century. It is a design that was inspired by the modernist movement where they focus on simplicity, clean lines, open spaces, and function over form. 


Modernism is where minimalist and contemporary architecture are derived from which is why you will notice a similarity between these styles. Architects who created modernist architecture take advantage of the use of glass, steel, and concrete in building the structure. 


To give you a quick glimpse of this type of architecture, check out the Seagram Building in New York City, the National Parliament in Bangladesh, and the Barcelona Pavilion. These structures are just some of the well-known modernist buildings all over the world. 


Baroque Architecture

The next common architectural approach that you will encounter is baroque architecture. It started in Europe during the Monarchist regime in the early 16th century. This architectural design is the common design used in religious buildings due to its dramatic sense of style. 


This kind of architectural design also loves to use the contrast between the light and dark that can be seen in the building’s colors, designs, and even decorations. This style of architecture emerges from the more formal approach of renaissance architecture


The key elements of baroque architecture are paired columns, concave and/or convex walls, broken pediments, and intricate ornamentation. These elements are what you will see in the Palace of Versailles in France and the Church of Our Savior in Denmark.


Classic Architecture

Parthenon Athens Greece

When you say classic architecture, what you should picture is ancient Greece. This architectural design was first constructed between the 4th and 7th centuries BC. The classic architectural design also inspired other architectural designs such as the greek revival and neoclassical architecture. 


This architecture design pays a lot of attention to the proportions and symmetry of the structure. It mainly uses bricks, marbles, and concrete as their materials and focuses on columns, interior molding, and pitched roofs on the structure’s layout. 


Although this kind of design has been replaced by modern architecture during the 20th century, there are still a lot of architects that love to incorporate classic approaches to their works of art. The most iconic classic architecture in history is the Greek God Temples. 


Art Nouveau 

Art Nouveau

Art nouveau architecture emerged from the arts and crafts movement which started in the 1860s. This style is rooted in Britain but spread quickly throughout Europe. The entire concept of art nouveau started as a guide for paintings, architectures, typography, and furniture designs. 


What you will notice on the art nouveau design characteristics are the ornaments in the form of flowers, vines, and even insect wings. This concept focuses more on organic shapes and incorporates them into the structure’s detailed layouts. 


Examples of great art nouveau structures are The Secession Building and Majolikahaus in Vienna, and the Agoudas Hakehilos Synagogue in Paris. If you think that this is your kind of style then you should talk to your architect and ask if they can provide you with what you want. 


Mediterranean Revival 

This type of architectural design was popularized in the United States during the 1920s to 1930s. It is mostly used in warm areas like California and Florida. The Mediterranean design is always associated with warm temperatures, beaches, cold drinks, and a sunny sky. 


Until now Mediterranean architecture is still widely used all over the world and mostly by the rich and the famous. The design gives out a luxurious vibe that is aesthetically pleasing and fun. If you are looking for this kind of vibe, the Mediterranean design would suit your taste. 


Some of the popular buildings that used the Mediterranean Architectural style are the Coral Gables Biltmore Hotel and Boca Raton Resort in Florida, as well as the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, California. 


Final Word


Architecture is a complex topic as it consists of a lot of designs, characteristics, and styles that need to be carefully examined. However, the ones that were mentioned in this article are the most popular and common architectural styles that you might want to consider in your building. Talk to your architect about the said styles and they will gladly help you in choosing the design that best represents your personality.