Art Nouveau is a type of art that features an ornamental style that started between 1890 and 1910. This type of art is commonly used in architecture, interior designs, illustrations, and even posters. 


Today, art nouveau architecture can be seen mostly in European countries such as Italy, Spain, Britain, and many more as this continent is also where this art has started before it was spread worldwide. To understand this style of art, here are the key characteristics of an art nouveau design to help you identify it. 


Art Nouveau Characteristics

Secession Building in Austria

The most significant characteristic of art nouveau is its asymmetrical shapes and lines which often take the form of flower buds and stalks, vines, insect wings, and any other natural objects that will create an elegant and graceful design. 


You can as well notice an extensive use of curves and arches on the art nouveau architectural designs as well as curved and stained glasses. All of these elements are what make the entire art distinguishable from other styles of art that you will see. 


Mosaics and architectural designs with Japanese motifs are also a part of art nouveau design. If you notice the mentioned characteristics on a building or illustrations, you can safely assume that the design used in the said piece is art nouveau. 


Example of art nouveau architecture that you can still see today are: 


  • Municipal House of Prague in the Czech Republic
  • Casa Batlló in Spain
  • Lindenbaum House in Hungary
  • Secession Building in Austria
  • Cat House in Latvia


These are just some of the many examples of art nouveau that you can still see today. Even if the art has existed for so many years already, it is still actively used worldwide and was adopted by many countries around the world including the American civilization. 


Incorporating Art Nouveau On Your Building Design 

Interior Design

Whether you are constructing commercial or residential buildings and want to incorporate art nouveau into its design, you must understand all the elements it presents. Not all people will appreciate the art nouveau style of architecture and some may find it difficult to understand. 


However, it is up to you and the architect who will design your building to incorporate this style of art into the building design without making it look weird. Based on the examples of art nouveau buildings given above, you can notice that some structures look out of the norm yet some look like a modern design but with only a hint of art nouveau elements. 


When it comes to art, your imagination is the limit. As long as it complements the taste of the building’s owner then you must follow as it is. You can incorporate more than one style of art in your building design. For instance, you can incorporate art nouveau on your building yet make it look more contemporary.


The Architect 

Art nouveau is a complicated design and if not implemented properly will not look good at all. This is why you must choose an architect that understands the important elements of art nouveau yet can create a design that will suit your taste. 


Achieving the design that you wanted your building to have will depend on the skill and knowledge of the architect that you will hire. Even though you already have a finished design on your mind, having a good architect will help you make those thoughts into reality. 



Architectural Draft

There are so many architectural designs out there that you can use to design your building, and one of them is art nouveau architectural design. However, it still comes down to how good your architect is in creating a design and incorporating this complicated piece of art into your structure. Now that you have a better understanding of art nouveau design, it is best to discuss it with your architect and ask for a draft of the design before you start the construction.