As a child, you were taught about basic shapes at home to prepare you for school. You did not know how shapes are relevant to your life back then until you decided to become a construction engineer. This is what opened your eyes to how important understanding all the basic shapes that you were taught before is.


Even individuals who are not in the construction industry will be able to figure out the relevance of shapes to a structure’s functionality and quality. To understand this concept further, we will talk about each basic shape and how it can impact a building’s structure



Dome Building

Because the circle is the easiest shape one can learn, we will open up the topic focusing first on this basic shape. The circle is considered as among the strongest shapes as the stress is spread evenly across the arc and not focusing only on one point. 


The usage of circles on building structures can be a complicated option. However, more architects use this shape for the structure to have fewer surface walls compared to using square or triangular shapes. 


Fewer surface walls mean lesser cost as they will only need fewer materials and less labor. Additionally, architects also love using the circle shape or semi-circle in incorporating designs on the building. It is mostly used for window designs, domes, or arches. 


There are more benefits to using a circle on your building design than having fewer materials. The additional benefit of this basic shape for buildings is improved wind flow over the arch that makes the structure more wind resistant


It can also provide greater ventilation as the dome shape structure produces high ceilings that will cause better circulation of air inside the building. 


Rectangles and Squares 

Most building structures that you can see today are based on rectangular or square shapes. The reason behind this is that these shapes are very economical to build. If your building is designed with a rectangular or a square base, chances are that you can utilize ordinary materials such as concrete, wood, stones, and bricks. 


Building a structure with these shapes as the base is far easier and faster compared to other structural shapes. As basic as it is, square and rectangular buildings are easier to maintain as well. 


These shapes have even characteristics that can provide easy and better alignment or stacking of materials. If you love corners and edges, this type of shape should be your building design’s core.


Choosing to design your building this way will ensure that all spaces will be utilized. There will be no waste of space in the property which can also mean that there will be more space inside the building. More space provides more air circulation that is good in regulating the temperature inside the building. 


If you are constructing multiple-story buildings, opting for the square and rectangle shape is the best option. The corners of these two shapes are good in bearing the weight of each story of the building compared to circles and triangles. 


The greatest advantages of square and rectangular shape structures are the ease and low cost of construction in general. 



Triangular Buldings

Triangle is an important shape in construction. Back in the day, roofs and bridges were weak and could not handle too much weight. Builders created a solution to this structural problem and used triangulation


This process is carried out by adding a post in the center of a square or a rectangle structure to support the middle part and make the shape stronger and more sturdy. The additional post in the center converts the square or rectangle shape into two triangles that evenly spread out the weight. 


Triangle is also a shape that can be distorted easily to create a more aesthetically pleasing structure design without disassembling any of its joints and does not change the length of its sides.


Modern construction uses the triangle shape more often as it is easy to construct and analyze. It can also be changed easily according to what the project requires. 


In Conclusion 

The shape used in designing your building is the vital element that contributes significantly to the quality and durability of the structure. Understanding how basic shapes work in real life, especially when it comes to construction, you will as well understand how to design and create quality building structures.